Website Design & Build

I have a genuine passion for online and always aim to build, or help build, eye-pleasing and engaging websites that convert. With nearly twenty years’ experience in the field, solid skills in CSS and SEO, and a network of talented developers in my rolodex, I’m well equipped to help you fulfil your online potential.

Website for Medical Company, 2017

I developed this WordPress site in the capacity of in-house graphic designer, as part of a company re-brand that coincided with the launch of a flagship product.

Website for Procurement Company, 2012

This was made with Joomla! As far as I know Joomla! is the only content management system whose brand name ends with an exclamation point, which I can only assume is to warn you against it. I say this having spent time in Westward Ho!, North Devon, which was also somewhat disappointing.

Website Mock-ups for Industrial Services Provider, 2013

Whether you deem someone who crawls around in other people’s shit for £12 an hour heroic or moronic is up to you. But we had fun creating imagery that portrayed Hyrdo Cleansing’s field operatives as the latter.

Website for Gas Engineer, 2018

This WordPress site has helped the client go from strength to strength after relocating from the SW.

Website for house builder start-up, 2017

WordPress site for SW house-builder start-up Form Homes.

Site mock-ups and carousel art for surf-shop, 2014-15

Mock-ups for online surf shop ahead of re-brand and switch to Magento.